First breath, a piercing cry and so it begins

The beginning of time, ticking by.

Carried in time’s invisible whirlwinds,

Through carefully thought out plans,

Carving an unpredictable path of life demands.


Let go, and be carried through the ebb and flow of life.

Sit and gaze at the stars in the quiet stillness,

Watch in bliss the world spin by, rife with change.

Feel the warmth of the sunrise, bear witness.


Be caught in the hectic buzz of day,

The irreversible race toward decay.

Catch the chaos of motion and recall

In the final hours, we are the stuff of stars.


Pause in the moment and watch yourself disintegrate

In the sunlight, particles of you float by.

And see it all in reverse, then sigh..

What could we change, is it too late?




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